Scholarship Information

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Great News!  OU Club of New Mexico Scholarship applications are now automatically submitted to us by OU.

No applications required.

The club gives two $2,500 scholarships a year.  Each semester’s award consists of $625 that may be applied only to out-of-state tuition (an out-of-state tuition fee waiver) and $625 credited to your bursar account that may be applied toward any other university charges. One scholarship will be awarded to a freshman, and the other will be awarded to any student (freshman, upperclassman, transfer, graduate). Both scholarships are available only to students who are current residents of New Mexico or who graduated from a New Mexico high school. All campuses, Norman, OKC and Tulsa are eligible for the scholarship.  This award is based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, leadership, need, and articulation of goals and plans. 

In addition to the scholarship opportunity above, OU has many scholarships available to non-resident students.  If you apply for OU admission by December 15th, you will be automatically considered for academic scholarships and notified shortly after admission about any awards you may receive.  Visit and contact your OU representative to learn more.  Your OU representative for the mountain time zone is Amanda Marsh.  You may email her at or you may call her at 858-230-4070.